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Health benefit of cucumber and reasons why you should not miss it

Cucumber is a widely cultivated plant that bears cucumiform fruit that is used as vegetable. The fruit is predominant in south Africa Asia and other few continents. Cucumber can be pickled for flavour and longer shelf life. The fruit is sometimes eaten alone or along with othet. food such as groundnut or rice. A lot of people do slice  the fruit along with salad ingredients.  The fruit is known for it low level of calories and high rate of water, making it a good dehydrating agent ideal for quick digestion.

           HEALTH BENEFIT OF                          Cucumber
1.Cucumber is Rich in diverse nutrient-cucumber contain a large percentage of water,vitamin and other minerals. Few of those nutrients are-
-Total dat 0%
-carbs 11g
-protein 2g
-Fiber 2g
-Vitamin C 14%
-Vitamin k 62%
-Maganese 12%
-Magnesium 10%
-Potassium 13%.
All these are among the diverse components of cucumber. Each nutrient has a specific role and function.

2- Cucumber promote hydration-This is a notable function of cucumber due to it high content of water. Regular intake of cucumber would promote or maximize the rate of metabolism thereby aiding the maximum functionality of the body organs.
3.Cucumber aid in weight loss-Many people find it difficult to adjust their body size and weight. Desisting or skipping meal may not actually be the best method as this could leads or reduce the proper functioning of the cell which might expose the body to disease. Research on cucumber has shown it to have high percent of water,low calories and high fibre. This properties may contribute in reducing the body size and weight.

4.Cucumber may reduce blood sugar-Certain substance improve blood sugar by stimulating the release of insulin and decreasing the excessive production of blood sugar. Cucumber and watermelon plays a vast function in reducing blood sugar due to it low calories and low carbohydrate.
5.Protect the brain from neurological disease-A neurological disorder is associated with  defect in nerves as a result of structural,biochemical or electrical abnormality in the brain or spinal cord. Regular intake of cucumber will help in maintaining cognitive function due to the present of fisetin(An anti-inflammatory substance on cucumber).

6.Reduce the risk of cancer-Cancer is a group of diseases that is involve in abnormal cell growth. Cucumber contains polyphenols called lignans which aid in decreasing the potential risk of cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. The fruit is know to contain cucurbutacins which has an inverse relationship to cancer. Research has shown cucurbutacins to be capable of blocking any pathway of cancer development in the body.
   #Cucumber is a potent rich fruit which  aid the body in diverse ways.


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Tressie Dawson said...

Nice post! Cucumber like many other veggies and fruits is not just for eating.You can drink cucumber juice for skin that is healthy and beautiful, or apply it on your skin directly and watch it work its magic.