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How to make a relationship work.

The question most people keep asking is- How do i make my relationship work? How do i make the best out my relationship? How do i enjoy peace of mind in my relationship? All these questions  are hinged on one thing; and that is relationship strategy.

 Engaging in relationship with someone of your choice, is a sign of trust and dependency.  Trust me no sensible human being would want to build a relationship with Satan. Before you make a relationship work, there are things that you need to consider.

   First ask yourself the following questions-
1. Can I really trust this person?
2. Does this person value or appreciate me.
3. Does this person possess the features that I seek in a friend
4. Is the person a type that take advise
5. Does he value his ego or pride more than my friendship.
Understanding the paramount strategies for overcoming depressing mood   Okay trust me, a lot of people don't know the essence of relationship, they take every opportunity by chance. Such a person may experience disaster along the line. Answering this five questions will give you an edge when choosing friends.

  Before you can make any relationship work, there must be a co-operation between the two people involve. Such agreement may be direct or indirect.  You need the following to make a relationship work.
1. Tolerance 
2. Trust
3. Attention 
4. Love
5. Self control
6. Patience 
7. Endurance 
8. Kindness
9. Goodness 
10. Sacrifice

Okay let's continue. Any relationship that shatters easily, lack the above virtues. Love and other virtues are like ingredients used in making food. Without ingredients you cannot make any food, Even if you try; you will end up making junk.

  Any relationship that lack the above virtues is already on his way to the grave.  You cannot force someone to love you, the person may learn to love you but it will not be as genuine as it should be. So in such a case what do you do??? Read below the answer is there.
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  We have seen an instance were the man will love the woman but the woman will not reciprocate the love or the woman will love the man but the man will not reciprocate the love. So what do you do. Just read.

  Everyone has his own will. But it takes love for one person to bow to the will of another. It feel very bad when you love somebody but the person doesn't love you back. The relationship will seem dry. If you are willing to make the relationship work, then continue reading.

  First you must be willing to sacrifice your time for the person you love or care about. Instead of grumbling and complaining, choose to be calm and subjective. The person may  not notice all these sacrifice at the beginning but after a little time, he will notice it and appreciate you for who you are. Let me tell you a story.

 A man named Mr Jacob had an issue with his wife just because he feels, his wife was not a good cook, wasn't good looking and was always never satisfied with anything the wife does. So both couple agreed to go for a divorce. But their lawyer encourage them to have a rethink. So both couple went home waiting the day they will be called for the dissolution of the marriage. But during this time the wife was actually happy about the divorce plan because she knew her husband to have less affection for her, so she decided to make the little time left before the divorce, a quality time. She was very caring and respectful but she stop responding to every complain made by her husband.

  This make the husband to develop a feeling of affection for his impending divorce wife, after a little time he decided to kick against the divorce.
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  So this is it, every effort you make to make your relationship work, will only be appreciated when you do it will total love and surrender. But when you are fighting to make a relationship work and still complain about your spouse, trust me that relationship will not work.

 Every healthy relationship is built on love and vulnerability. Both couple didn't just love each other at first. One of them had to influence the other with his emotion and affection.  It was because of the positive features display by that person that captures the other persons attention. For every relationship to work, you must learn to promote good virtues, stop complaining that your spouse doesn't appreciate you, that will only help you crumble your relationship. Choose to be happy, ignore every attempt made by your spouse to pick a quarrel with you and choose to praise him in whatever he does. This is the best way to win someone's love and respect. Apply this method and thank me later.

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