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Relationship Advice and Quotes

Being in a relationship is not a guarantee of positive ending. A lot of positive and negative things do come out the of relationship, but the mandatory aspect is learning how to sustain and keep up a good relationship. Happiness, joy, love are products of a good relationship. What matters in a relationship is not where you are coming from but were you taking it too

Some relationship  have a happy ending, but some end up in brutality and regret. The difference between those two is the features and attitudes display by both partners on the course of their relationship.
There are a lot of questions running through the mind of men and women before going into  a relationship and part of this question is actually the course of maintaining and sustaining a healthy relationship.

Take my advice, don't just step into any relationship unless it is beneficial and have a good positive fruit to give.

 Basically not everybody knows what a relationship is. Sometimes when we speak of relationships, some people think of a symbiotic union between a male and a female.  There is more to a relationship than that; trust me.

The relationship must not necessarily be between a male and a female as some shallow mind we think.A relationship can be between  two males, two females, opposite sex, family, brothers, sister's, father to a daughter, mother to a son and so on.

You don't get to enjoy any relationship unless you know the importance. Taking people for granted is one way of having a bad relationship. So before entering any relationship, you need to know the importance.

  If you are entering any relationship with somebody outside your family, always ask yourself the following questions.
- Do I have an interest in this impending relationship?

- How well do I know this person?

- What positive things do I stand to benefit from this impending relationship?

- Do I really need this person in my life

- Does this person have what takes to affect my life positively?

Five simple but meaningful questions that helps you to build a good relationship. Get to answer these questions and you are first step ahead.

It is not everybody that  communicates word to you is fit to be in your life. Some people are meant to come and leave and others come and stay. Let's answer those questions.

Do I have an interest in the impending relationship?
I was taught to have a simple and quiet life when I was little, so I grew up to adapt to this way of life. I do advise a lot of people on how to maintain and sustain their relationship, but I was in a very few relationship with those that I know very well.

The relationship people go into sometimes is not because of desire, but because of circumstance. Circumstance has driven a lot of people into a relationship that they never wish for.

Somebody may be going through thorns and tussle in life, so he may decide to join some group of people just to find solace and answer for his condition, such relationship may not last because it was not through desire, it was through circumstance. When such a person overcome his problem, he will back out  of that relationship.

Having an interest in people is one way of building a good relationship, interest doesn't come base on circumstance , it  comes base on knowledge of what the person can offer.

Don't go into any relationship when your interest is not there. If you do, you will be doing yourself more harm than good.

- How well do I know this person? Most relationship end in regret because of lack of knowledge. In my little test I find out that,  some people prefer to know what the their friend can offer than what he really is.

Some people will rather attach their happiness to the material benefit of their relationship than the relationship itself. Knowing somebody is an excellent way of sustaining a relationship. Having knowledge of who your friend is will open you up to so many things in his life.

Not every stranger who appears as a saint is actually true to his word. Let me ask you, how much do you know those you call friend's? What is their like and dislike, what is their best meal and hubby? What do they do for a living? Do they share the same vision with you? If you don't have answers to the above questions, then you don't know your friends too well.

What do I stand to gain in this relationship??  During my stay in high school, there is this thing that I usually do, I talk to different people, even those outside my faculty, but I never really cross the limit of making them a bosom friend.

Not because they were bad people, not because they weren't good enough, but because we were far apart from our ideas and opinion. Don't get me wrong, people can benefit from me and I may not be lucky enough to benefit from them so that was it.

I do offer them my assistance in any way. This doesn't actually mean that we are close friends. So before entering any relationship, consider the positive benefit you stand to gain from the relationship. Don't enter any relationship that will affect you negatively so that you don't  end in regret.

- Do I need this person in my life?You don't need everybody in your life. Not everybody that comes your way have good intention towards you.

It's not a crime to crack jokes with people and share gift with others, but to me is a crime to have the wrong people in your life.

I once read a post on a friend timeline-she said and I quote "when you married the right woman you are complete, but when you married the wrong woman you are finished"

I have many friends but very few bosom friends. So helping people doesn't make them your bosom friend so is not a crime to render help but don't let the bad egg influence you with their negative attitude. Operate on principle and choose friends, which can add value to your life.

- Does this person have what it takes to influence my life positively? This is one question which many people do interpret wrongly.  Someone that doesn't have what it takes to influence you positively will surely influence you negatively.

Human being are not perfect, so you cannot expect people around you to always influence you positively. Yet it is expedient that those around you should have an atom of positive attitude in them that they can express to affect others.

Everybody has something to offer, before entering any relationship be careful to analyze the person with those five questions above, so as not to end up in regret.
                 RELATIONSHIP ADVICE  
Please the above are the criteria and procedures for venturing into a relationship. So I will be very specific and straight to the point. Mind you, if you are the type that ventures into a relationship because of sex, then this relationship advice is not for you.

Life is the game, the contestant which throws the dice with the highest number wins the game. So also is relationship, every man and woman wants someone who would love them for who they are not because of where they are.

The products and material benefit of a relationship is very tempting, but learning to value the product giver makes your relationship special.

Don't try to act like Mr know all who always want to get his way, sometimes it is important to submit to your spouse's opinion. No man would love to go into a relationship with a woman who value the material benefit better than the one offering it.

You can be in relationship and wish you were never in a relationship, when you experience pain, tragedy, tribulations and other negative features of relationship, you will want to back out.

I know that feeling of trying to put everything into a relationship to make it work, but still your spouse is frustrating every of your effort, don't worry just be patient is going to work out soon.

Every healthy relationship is built on principles and rules. So they know when they are wrong and when they are correct.

A lot of relationships doesn't last simply because of three things
- Lack of tolerance
- Impatient
- Peer group influence.

Peer group influence is a common way of destroying a relationship. Those around you can either influence you positively or negatively. When you stay around friends who doesn't value or respect relationship, you will definitely develop the same mindset with them.

Take my advice and don't speak often to your friends about your relationship, don't compare your relationship mate with other people of the same age mate who are having a better relationship.

Not every relationship leads to marriage, some relationship fails even before anyone making a proposal. It all depends on our understanding of this topic. No matter how much time and energy you invest in your relationship, without understanding you are doomed to fail.

Understanding the feeling of other people and knowing how to respond to it, shows how important they are to you. Some relationship would have led to marriage if not because of lack of understanding.

A lot of people most especially the youth believe that every relationship should be built on sex. I have heard someone say "what is the need of relationship without sex". Most people believe that no relationship can stand the test of time without sex. All this thought are lies which are even the bed rock of crushing a good relationship.

Sex is legally meant for couples who have decided to take their relationship to a high level. Some may decide to walk in the aisle after many years of relationship, not because their relationship were pulled on sex, but because their relationship was built on trust and understanding.

Sex is a great weapon of crushing down a relationship. I have heard some people make this statement to some women "you cannot  tie a man down with sex". What does that tell you, it means every woman who wants to build their relationship on sex will even make themselves more cheap and worthless before the man.

Every relationship who progresses to marriage is mostly built on trust and without sex. The dignity of a woman is when she is able to keep herself till the day she place her ring on her man's finger. Every man seeks to marry a virgin not some kind of girl who put sex first in a relationship.

I read about a girl who got angry with his boyfriend because he congratulated his friend for taking a virgin as a bride while she wasn't a virgin. If you are willing to build a strong relationship, then abstain from sex and all forms of vices like romance in relationship.

Personally  I believe every relationship has a thorn in one part of its journey. It's possible to have a relationship without problem. But having a relationship with argument doesn't mean that it cannot stand. Knowing how to tackle the source of your relationship problem is one way of sustaining a healthy relationship.

Understanding your partner is one way of knowing the source of your relationship problems. Take this short story for instance

A man beats up his wife claiming she doesn't respect him. But when this man was properly interrogated, it was depicted that the beating was due to jealousy the man had toward his wife because her monthly salary was bigger than his own. This is one way of solving a relationship problem permanently. If actually the judgement was based on what the man said at first, trust me, the beating would have continued because the primary cause of the problem was not solved.

Learning to tolerate your partner is another way of maintaining a good relationship. Tolerance is not for everybody, tolerance is only for those that can endure hardships and wrongs done to them. Not everybody can endure hardship and wrong. Women work more to keep a relationship going, but men work more to build a relationship. So don't forget everyone has a role to play. Here is what you need to know as a lady.
Every man who seeks a relationship needs three things from the woman
1. Respect
2. Compliance
3. Love

Most men often lament when those three things are absent in the relationship. Every man who cannot tame his woman often see her as a rebel or a bad omen. Yes, I have seen men who complain that their wife doesn't respect them, some complain of their wife being a rebel while some lament due to lack of love and affection from the partner.
When those three things are lacking, three vices will fill that gap which are
1. Hate
2. Jealousy
3. Nonchalance.

No relationship can exist on hate, jealousy and nonchalance. So here is what you need to do to get in control. Take some time out from your busy schedule, visit a beach, walk some distance into the water, voiced out your problem to the cool breeze and form a mental picture of the water carrying your problem away. After this you are going to notice that you are really empty and satisfied. This will give you a positive attitude to confront your friend or spouse to discuss the problem and solutions on how to solve it.

While waste your time fuming and fretting when you can discuss your problem and get it solved.

Here is another advice; don't spend much time thinking about the problem and challenges of your relationship, rather think of a potential way of how to solve the issue. Don't always be the Mr Right or the Mrs right but rather always humble yourself when explaining things to your spouse. Taking responsibility for your action is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of humility and maturity.

Sometimes it is not about the one who is wrong that matters in a relationship, it is about the one that is willing to make peace. Building a relationship is as easy as walking into an ice cream shop.  Sustaining a relationship is very tactical. The best way of sustaining a healthy relationship is by understanding your partner weakness and likes. When you miss those two things, then you miss everything. Your partner must not be as good or perfect as you are but you can help him to attain the height of perfection that you want.

The best person I can call my friend, is the one that is willing to bear with me when am wrong and help me to do right when am striving to. Your partner knows when you are making a sacrifice for the relationship he also know when you don't value the relationship. So the best way of building a relationship is knowing who your partner really is.

1. The best relationship is not built on years spend together, it is built on love and tolerance.

 2. Every successful relationship is built on love, trust, tolerance and humility.

3. Show me a relationship where there is no trust, I will show you a relationship which is on the brink of crashing.
 4. There is no relationship without problem, but not every relationship have the  perfect solution to their problem.

5. The success of any relationship is hinged on prayer

6. Every relationship is another open door for welcoming somebody into your life.

7. Don't expect everything in a relationship, but value the little positive benefit your partner can give

8. A relationship is like a mathematical exams whose positive square root, depend on your attitude.

9. Curiosity is the best live driving engine of knowing your partner. Keeping asking until you know everything about your partner.

10. Mr Smith said "If I can learn to be in a happy relationship, then I would love my partner forever". But I said "create an atmosphere of love and people will come knocking on your door of relationship".

11. Make the best out of your relationship by making your partner your  best friend.

12. Every path to a new relationship begins with understanding

13. Shallow understanding of relationship is worse than absolute misunderstanding of people of like passion.

14. Honesty in a relationship is a commander of respect.

15. Tolerance is the bedrock of sustaining a healthy relationship.

16. Concentrate on understanding your partner and you have every solution to your relationship challenges

17. Never use the words of your partner against him when he is angry.

18. When it comes to a good relationship,You need his trust and tolerance.

19. Focus on the bright side of your relationship and the negative side will be corrected.

20. A relationship which does not have challenges is a product of understanding

21. To conquer the problem of relationship without understanding is to triumph without glory.

22. In a relationship, it is the weak who  voice out every wrong doing. The brave will always seek to correct every wrong.

23. To save our relationship then we must be ready to risk everything

24. Never start a relationship with a man that is not better than thyself.

25. The rule of relationship means there should be mutual sympathy between them, each supplying what the other lack and trying to benefit the other, always using friendly and sincere words.

26. Every relationship has a happy beginning, but not all relationships have a happy ending

27. The best solution to every relationship problem is to discover its primary source.

28. Do not build a relationship with pessimist and shallow minded people, build a relationship with optimist and positive minded people who can impact your life with excellence.

29. The only way to be in a relationship is to build one.

30. The Good relationship grows with constant communication and kind words to friends.

31. It is better not to be in a relationship than to be in relationship with the wrong person

32. When a man refuse to combat the challenges in the relationship he loses friends

33. Friends are a thief of time

34. It is more shameful to distrust our partner's than to be deceived by them

35. Yes, we will always be together. And of all who offers a hand of friendship let me be the closest to your heart.
36. Remember that forgiveness is a virtue for maintaining and sustaining a healthy relationship. Only the strong can forgive.

37. Remain slightly aloof. Do not let your partner know everything about you. Cultivate a mystique and keep giving her positive surprises.

38. To enhance your relationship, discover what makes your partner happy and keep reaching out to her.

39. Spend time with your partner at least twice a week.  This will open up new horizons for you in your quest for a healthy relationship.

40. You have to work at understanding your partner before you can have a healthy relationship.

41. Don't give up when facing challenges in your relationship, do not allow your challenges to dominate your relationship.

42. Every relationship once had a beginning, but not all relationships have an end

43. The best relationship is built in you, discover the secret of being happy and your relationship will experience transitions.

44. It is not the relationship that had a problem, but it is the people involve that refuse to solve their problem.

45. The best relationship is planted on the table of love.

46. Every problem experience in a relationship is a potential discovery of new truth.

47. Never allow those things that are inconsequential to be at the mercy of your relationship.

48. Starting a relationship is a powerful strategy for self-renewal and personal effectiveness.

49. Be there when your partner needs you most.

50. Every problem and challenges you face in your relationship is somebody else stepping stone to greater relationship.

         50 BEST RELATIONSHIP QUOTES                         BY NOTABLE AUTHOR'S 

1. The control of a relationship construes there ought to be shared affections between both sides. Each giving what exchange needs and endeavoring to profit substitute, reliably utilizing circumspect and certified words.

- Circero

2. Never contract association with a man that isn't superior to thyself.

- Circero

3. Each man can tell what number of goat or sheep, he has, however not what number of partners.

- Circero

4. Every relationship is a mark on someone's life

- Benjamin

5. The face is the depictions of the spirit, and eyes check its goal.

- Circero

6. The noble soul is most decidedly pulled in by the love for grandness.

- Circero

7. A relationship set up on obscenities never proceeds forward.

- Seneca

8. There is no relationship free from some tincture of delirium.

- Seneca

9. As a story, so is the relationship: not to what degree it is, yet rather how uncommon, it is, is the thing that has any sort of impact.

- Seneca

10. On the off chance that you wished to be respected, love.

- Seneca

11. Wherever is no place. Precisely when a man puts all his imperativeness in outside improvement, he closes by having different accomplices, however no sidekicks.

- Seneca

12. It is more disgusting to scrutinize our friends than to be sold out of  them.

- FRAN? Rochefoucauld

13. Solid relationship resembles an apparition which everyone analyzes and few have seen.

- FRAN? Rochefoucauld

14.. Once in a while we are less sad at being deceived by those we acknowledge, than in being undeceived by them

- FRAN? Rochefoucauld

15. A good-for-nothing is unequipped for directing relationship; it is the advantage of the overcome

- Mahatma Gandhi

16. See the constructive qualities in individuals and help them

- Mahatma Gandhi

17. The relationship is an occupation in which you need to continue demonstrating your ability to individuals who have none.

- Mahatma Gandhi

18. You should be the change you wish to find in your relationship

- Mahatma Gandhi

19. Expert is a serving relationship that has the impact of engaging human movement

- Mahatma Gandhi

20. Where there is love there is life

- Mahatma Gandhi

21. You don't know who is essential to you until the point that you genuinely lose them.

- Mahatma Gandhi

22. Relationship is a champion among the most grounded compel on earth anyway, it is humblest possible

- Mahatma Gandhi

23. There is a power in the relationship, which on the off chance that we allow it, will go through us and pass on amazing outcomes.

- Mahatma Gandhi

24. Solid relationship lies in the exertion not in the years spent together. Full exertion is full triumph.

- Mahatma Gandhi

25. Suggest supposition is unlimited like the sea and swelling in one, spread itself out and crossing all limits and boondocks, including the entire world.

- Mahatma Gandhi

26. There are no school reciprocals to a not too unpleasant relationship and no instructor partners to a quiet partner.

- Mahatma Gandhi

27. In the event that I have the expect that I can affect my relationship to work, I may most likely secure the ability to do it, paying little regard to whether I won't not have it toward the start

- Mahatma Gandhi

28. The law of kinship could be better valued and learned through our relationship and fraternity with others

- Mahatma Gandhi

29. Relationship is the mirror through which we can show up our lead

- Mahatma Gandhi

30. Relationship that demand admission to everything isn't legitimized paying little regard to the name

- Mahatma Gandhi

31. Specialists require simply husband's, and when they have them they require everything

- William Shakespare

32. The stroke of death is as a dear's pulverize, which harms and is required

- William Shakespare

33. The course of private estimation never ran smooth.

- William Shakespare

34. Love looks not with the eyes, but rather with the mouth

- William Shakespare

35. Love all, put stock in a couple, foul up to none.

- William Shakespare

36. On the off chance that music be the help of affection, play on.

- William Shakespare

37. Mind blowing relationship incorporate into covering the whole we see ourselves as and how little we think about the other individual.

- Mark Twain

38. The favored essentials of association is of so sweet and decided, and unfaltering and holding on through a nature that it will last through an entire lifetime, if not request to credit cash.

- Mark Twain

39. Love shows up the swiftest, regardless it is the slowest of all headways. No man or lady truly recognizes what turn up at ground zero love is until the moment that the minute that they have been hitched a fourth of a century.

- Mark Twain

40. Truth is the most fundamental thing we require in a relationship. Enable us to streamline it.

- Mark Twain

41. Unprecedented Good accomplices, wonderful books, and a ragged out heart: this is the perfect relationship.

- Mark Twain

42. One ought to never believe a lady who uncovers to one her veritable age. A lady who may reveal to one that, would uncover to one anything.

- Oscar Wilde

43. When one is enchanted, one generally starts by beguiling one's self, and one all things considered closes by misdirecting others. That is the thing that the world calls an inclination.

- Oscar Wilde

44. Precisely when a man has once revered a lady he will do anything for her adjacent to keep treasuring her.

- Oscar Wilde

45. Men wed since they are drained; ladies since they are fascinated. Both are baffled.

- Oscar Wilde

46. Right when a lady weds again, it is a result of she disdained her first life accomplice. Precisely when a man weds once more, it is in light of the way that he worshiped his first buddy. Ladies attempt their good fortunes; men chance theirs.

- Oscar Wilde

47. Ladies are made to be worshiped, not gotten on.

- Oscar Wilde

48. Keep love in your heart. A nearness without it would appear that a sunless garden when the blossoms are dead.

- Oscar Wilde

49. Giggling isn't at all an unpleasant start of  a family relationship, and it is far the best conclusion for one.

- Oscar Wilde

50. To love oneself is the start of a tough relationship.

- Oscar Wilde

                   RELATIONSHIP TALK
Possibly a couple out of each odd relationship which have a superior than normal starting in many cases have an end. A different period, various individuals will begin brilliantly well, however after a period they will have issues which may result to the dissolution of their relationship.

I have seen couples who began well and end emphatically. I have seen some who began well and end well. Additionally, some began with a few inconveniences in their relationship yet after a period they could beat those difficulties.

Some issue experienced in a relationship is a past issue which occurred before the relationship began. Regardless, after a period those issues come to remain as a hindrance in the relationship.

Each man and woman making game plans for marriage must have experience a relationship, all necessities for his development, you can either remove your partner or consent to stroll around the aisle with him. In any case, before strolling around the aisle, do you have anything against your embellishment? This is where the issue comes in.

Most social unions encounter broken homes essentially inside couple of years into this relationship. Not in light of the way that the couple dictated to be, as one however since they never have an awesome degree open up completely to each other before strolling around the aisle.

Just a single out of each odd person is enough solid to absolve wrongs. Each relationship can work if there indicates trustworthiness from the two partners. In any case, when that is truant, it is dependably an epic confrontation.

No relationship in light of double dealings and debasement stands the trial of time. Each embellishment who distortion to every one of a kind tends to end in fate. It is  better to remain truthful in a relationship and be despised than to imagine and be loved. A period will come your distortion will come to extremely detest why the one that was scorned for being clear will be loved and regarded.

Self-sufficient of the inconveniences you are looking at your relationship, on the off chance that you comprehend how to get directly to the point and transparent to your adornment, I wager you, you will esteem a profitable and solid relationship. The best relationship you can have it's the one guided by positive standards

DON'T FORGET.  Never forsake your relationship when you are not set up to surrender. Each Positive exertion is another Push toward a sound continuing on relationships.

Here are my 7 best, most revered blending decree which will boost your spirit in battling to keep up your relationship.

1. Friendship is every now and again the union of a touch of one personality with the bit of another; individuals are partners in spots.
-George Santayana

2.Do not have transgressors for sidekicks, don't have low individuals for mates: have noteworthy individuals for accomplices, have for mates the best of men.

- The Dhammapada

3.I would incline toward as companion a reasonable man indifferent than one more splendid who is pernicious moreover.

- Euripides

4.Yes, we should ever be sidekicks; and of all who offer you family relationship let me be ever the regardless, the most true blue, the closest and dearest!

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

5.A fantastical companion is more horrible than a specific enemy. Enable a man to be a certain something or the other, and we by then know how to meet him.

- Aesop

6.Friendship is made out of a particular soul having two bodies.

- Titus Maccius  Plautus

7.To win in your central goal, you should have chosen feeling of obligation in regards to your objective.
-Abdul kalam

This is were I draw the line. Follow your heart when choosing friends and do not allow the wrong people to come into your life. Thanks for reading. Don't forget that you are the best of your kind.


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